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Star Trek V
The Final Frontier

"Nimbus 3 Rifle "

Virtuquest Prop Replica

Nimbus 3 Rifle -  J'onn Version  - by Virtuquest
Star Trek V prop weapon used by members of the galactic army (lead by Sybok).
These crude weapons were based on primative materials available to the inhabitants.
Several versions of these rifles were used, this one is modeled after the
character J'onn from the beginning of the film.

Gold Tank and Green Tank Version shown -

This prop replica is made with Iron pipe, PVP Pipe, Copper Fittings, Metal CO2 tank,
Metal Pipe Fittings, aluminum strapping, Nylon Strap.
Length is Approx 36 inches, weight is 4.25 lbs.

$175.00 PayPal
Contact props@virtuquest.com

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